Day 2 Predictions

While Day 1 made headlines with teams trading picks, Day 2 would most likely make headlines when guys like Cordy Glenn fall lower than expected, or having a guy like Upshaw go to some dominate 3-4 scheme, a la 3rd pick of the 2nd round(Ravens).  both of these are just guesses which I doubt will actually happen, the 2nd and 3rd rounds are usually much more interesting to me.  

What I actually think could happen:

Rams are going to get Cordy Glenn with the first pick.  They need an O-line for Bradford, cause I don’t think he likes being sacked 50+ times.  Glenn played at UGA and can play guard or tackle.  He was a force at the combine, going up against guys like Melvin Ingram, Courtney Upshaw, and Quinton Coples.  He is first round talent and the Rams have two more 2nd round picks, so this could be one of those best player available picks, but still ties into team needs.  Rams have a plethora of options to choose from with three 2nd rounders, two of which are in the top 10 picks.  I could see them getting another target for Bradford as well.  They picked up Steve Smith in the offseason, and I could see them going for a guy like Stephen Hill.  Problem is, Hill didn’t produce that well at Georgia Tech due to their option offense, so whenever Hill got the ball, it was most likely an option fake and he had the opposition beat.  Does this mean he’s bad because he played in a flexbone scheme?  No, but it means there’s some risk involved with taking him, but his combine shot him up on most boards.  Hill could be a nice addition to the Rams offense, as he stands around 6’3 or 6’4, and has decent speed.

The Colts seem to have a lot of rebuilding to do.  Switching to the 3-4 with Pagano will make a difference in how they draft, but are they going to go defense this early, or are they going to try to put Luck with some young weapons?  Guys like Alshon Jeffrey from South Carolina is still on the board with his 6’4 frame, along with Reuben Randle from LSU at 6’4.  While both of these players are great, I can’t help but wonder whether or not the Colts pick how you could pass up one of Luck’s targets at Stanford in Coby Fleener.  Considered one of the best TE’s in the draft, Fleener led Stanford in receiving touchdowns last year with 10.  The Colts lost one of the best TE’s in Dallas Clark, and it only seems right you give get you guys who have great chemistry together.  The only worry would be that if Luck is a bust, will Fleener be a bust?  Only time can tell, but I don’t see the Colts going anything but offense here.

Ravens are gonna go with Konz.  Why else trade back?  Konz is the best center in the draft, and the Ravens are gonna look to keep their running attack going.  They also have two 2nd rounders, and could take a WR late in the round.  If Mohammed Sanu is still there, I’d pick him up.  They could also go for a Ray replacement and try to get a guy like Zach Brown from UNC.  While he plays OLB in a 4-3 scheme, I can see him moving to ILB in a 3-4 and wreaking havoc.  He’s just incredibly fast and can make plays, but he won’t be available by the time the 28th pick comes around, so if they were like to get him, they’d use their 3rd pick in the 2nd round, eliminating Konz from the picture.  Could this happen?

Without having a 1st round pick, Denver is probably going to look to at defense.  They filled their biggest need during the offseason in getting Peyton Manning, but after a year off, will Peyton still be Peyton?  If he is, as a Chiefs fan, I’m screwed, but divisional games are always hectic in the AFC West.  I could see them getting Brandon Thompson from Clemson to fill a void at DT.  He’s a big guy, can take up space in the middle and stop the run, but will they get him?  With all of the talent on the board this early into the draft, who’s to say that they won’t pick the best player available on offense to give Peyton some help?  Whether it be a receiver or a linemen, they may spend their second 2nd round pick on an offensive player, but I fee like for their first pick they’re going to go with a defensive player.  Janoris Jenkins?  Could happen, even with the acquisition of former Saint, Tracy Porter.

After trading up to get Weeden and Richardson in the first round, the Browns may want an O-line.  This actually seems unlikely, but so did a 28-year-old QB being a first rounder.  Richardson at Bama was a force to be reckoned with, and Weeden is a great QB, the only downside was his age, which the Browns didn’t seem to care about.  They’ll want to protect their investments and build up an offense in the process.  Are the Browns going the SB this year?  highly doubtful, especially with their division, but they’re looking towards the future so a lineman may be in their future.  On the other hand, they have somewhat of a weak secondary and could use some help there.  Sadly, there aren’t any safeties worthy of being drafted this early that weren’t already drafted, but there are some corner backs still available.  Jayron Hosley from Virginia Tech is still up there, along with Alfonzo Dennard from Nebraska.  Jenkins was considered first round talent, but his attitude seemed to stop some teams from drafting him, but any of the first 4 picks could draft him just to have another DB out there.  Hosley led Tech in interceptions last year if I remember correctly, and Alfonzo was great at Nebraska.  Best bet for the Browns?  use their 2nd round pick on a linemen, and their 3rd round pick on a decent corner.

Jacksonville picked up receiver Justin Blackmon with their first pick.  Gabbert’s first year at QB didn’t go so well, so getting Blackmon was a good pickup.  Their O-line isn’t bad, but it could still be improved.  The thing of importance for the Jags is most likely the pass rush.  Aaron Kampman seemed like a great pickup a few years ago from the Packers, but he hasn’t been able to stay healthy.  Fortunately, for the Jags, this year’s draft was lined up with pass rushers, and there are still multiple available.  Andre Branch from Clemson is one person the Jags may look at picking up.  He’s agile, can make plays, and loves seeing the QB eat turf.  Branch is a viable option for the Jags with the sixth pick in the 2nd round.

Panthers 1st round pick was a great one in Luke Keuchly out of Boston College.  The kid just has a nose for where the ball is, and could make an immediate impact on the field.  The Panthers may get another receiver for Cam to go to, or they’ll try to get a pass rusher opposite of Charles Johnson.  Seeing as they went defense in the first round, it seems as if they may get a receiver with their 2nd round pick.  I could see them getting Dwayne Allen from Clemson if he’s still on the board.  Around 6’4 with great hands and speed, Allen could be just what the Panthers are looking for with Cam Newton.  Without a 3rd round pick, the Panthers are going to look to getting guys who can come in and get some playing time to try to reclaim the NFC South.

The Bills are slowly on the come up, picking up Mario Williams in the offseason, and Stephon Gilmore in the 1st round.  I don’t think they’ll look for anything but an offensive lineman here.  Johnathan Martin from Stanford, Bobby Massie from Ole Miss, and Mike Adams from OSU are all viable picks for the Bills at this stage.  Ryan Fitzpatrick showed glimpses of greatness last season, and will need an offensive line to keep moving forward.

Last but not least, the Dolphins.  With their first round pick, they drafted WR QB Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M.  They needed a QB, and Tannehill has shown scouts that he has what it takes to play QB at the NFL level, but I didn’t watch enough Texas A&M games to actually know whether or not he’s top-10 worthy.  Not only did they draft a QB in the 1st round, but they traded away Brandon Marshall to the Bears–for two 3rd round picks!!  What’s a QB if he doesn’t have anyone to throw to?  Not saying the Dolphins don’t have any receivers, but it’s going to be difficult going against defenses like Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick twice a year if you can’t throw the ball.  They also reverted back to the 4-3 defense, and will need someone to play opposite of Wake.  They may have backed themselves into a corner that they won’t be able to get out of this year, but anything can happen in the NFL.


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