Patriots = Hope Crushers

While watching the NFL Draft, I was looking forward to see who ended up where.  One thing I couldn’t stand was seeing the Patriots get TWO first round draft picks.  Now do I hate the Patriots?  Of course I do.  However I have incredible respect for Belichick and Brady, they’re just too good to the point where you start hating them for it, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Their first pick was one they acquired from the Bengals with the 21st selection.  They pick Chandler Jones, the defensive end from Syracuse.  Luckily I had seen him play a few times this year, and he’s not bad.  Granted, I don’t have all the film the Patriots staff has, but normally their picks are guys you overlook until you seem them on gameday.  This wasn’t what crushed my hopes.  Four freaking picks later, guess who’s picking?  “Patriots have acquired the 25th pick in the draft from the Denver Broncos.”  At this moment I feel like I’m gonna be emotionally queasy.  Did you see what these guys did last year?  Brady with some tight ends damn near gets them another ring.  Now they draft Dont’a Hightower out of Bama.  Anybody who watches college football has seen this guy play, and know what he’s capable of, and who gets him?  That evil genius of a man who goes against the grain and doesn’t allow EA to use his likeness in their game, that’s who.  We’re not even in the 2nd round of the draft and I’m already feeling some form of despair.  Normally this doesn’t happen until training camp starts, but Belichick seems to have bad plans for the AFC this year.

Am I being a somewhat dramatic about this situation?  Last time Pats picked twice in the 1st round(2004; Vince Wilfork & Ben Watson), they won the Super Bowl that year.  That’s some of the worst logic ever, though, so yes, I am being somewhat over dramatic.


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3 responses to “Patriots = Hope Crushers”

  1. Jaff says :

    It’s Belichick

  2. Wayne says :

    The Pats already had two first round picks before the draft started. They moved up, sure, but they were already going to pick twice because of the pick they got from the Saints.

    • dynastygamer says :

      I just assumed it was one of those picks where they were going to trade it, and I really don’t know why I thought that. The defense was the real reason the Pats didn’t win the SB, so why wouldn’t they use two 1st rounders? It was really just my own fault for assuming they were going to end up trading one of them.

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