Round 2 Recap

  1.   Rams picked Brian Quick, WR from Appalachian St.  The best FCS WR prospect in the draft stands 6’3″ and ran a 4.5 at the 40.  Not who I  expected the Rams to get, but Quick could be just what the Rams were looking for.
  2.  Colts picked Coby Fleener, TE out of Stanford.  Has previous chemistry with Luck, so should work out well for the Colts.
  3. Ravens picked up Courtney Upshaw to play 3-4 OLB.  This was a great pick for them seeing as Upshaw had 1st round talent, just was never picked up.
  4. Broncos picked Derek Wolfe, DT out of Cincinnati.  This was actually a great pick for them.  He has a great motor, and can get in the backfield to disrupt the QB.
  5. Browns pick Marshall Schwartz, OL out of Cal.  Physical guy, great blocker.  Not a bad pick, but may fit the system better than those they passed up.
  6. Jags picked Andre Branch, DE from Clemson.  He’s more of an edge rusher due to being a smaller guy, but he’s quick and can get in the backfield in a flash.
  7. Rams second pick of the 2nd round was Janoris Jenkins, CB from North Alabama.  Great pick with the free agency pickup of Cortland Finnegan.
  8. Panthers picked Amini Silatolu, OL from Midwestern St.  Everyone he played against was significantly smaller than him.  He has nice size, and will probably play guard in Carolina.
  9. Bills picked Cordy Glenn, OL from Georgia.  Great pick for the Bills in the 2nd round. Glenn was easily 1st round talent, but teams just didn’t pick him up.  Bills needed to go Oline, and this was a great pick for them.
  10. Dolphins picked Johnathan Martin, OL from Stanford.  Great pickup for the Oline, not that great a pickup for Tannehill.  Hopefully their two 3rd rounders make up for it.
  11. Jets traded the Seahawks to get this pick, and they picked Stephen Hill, WR from Georgia Tech.  His total career receptions at GT was 49.  49 receptions over three years.  He’s a fast, tall receiver, but he doesn’t have the best of hands.  Spent three years blocking in the flexbone scheme, and that was what the Jets were looking for.  Guess it’s easier to teach how to catch than it is to teach how to block.
  12. Chiefs picked Jeff Allen, OL from Illinois.  Not a bad pick, but there were still great linemen on the board.  He can play most positions on the line, except center.  Promising pick, but without a specific set of skills for a certain position, he could get exploited by defenses.
  13. Bears traded the Cowboys to get this pick, and picked Alshon Jeffery, WR from South Carolina.  Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery with Jay Cutler.  Not a bad pick, but Jeffery is far from being a speedy receiver and will rely more on his size.  Not a bad receiving duo for the Bears
  14. Eagles picked Mychal Kendricks, LB from Cal.  Kendricks is a speed demon.  Not to mention the Eagles also acquired Demeco Ryans in free agency.
  15. Seahawks picked Bobby Wagner, LB from Utah State.  This is one of those Pete Carroll picks.  He’s somewhat undersized at MLB, but Carroll will find a use for him.
  16. Patriots picked Tavon Wilson, DB from Illinois.  The Illinois defenders seem to be getting a lot of hype this year.  Former D-Coordinator Vic Koenning seems to have the right system down for the NFL, teaching his players what to do and what not to do.  Wilson is a great pick for the Patriots who have a sub-par secondary.
  17. Chargers picked Kendall Reyes, DT from Connecticut.  Reyes is a big guy who can take up space on the line which is why the Chargers picked him.  Good pickup for the Chargers.
  18. Rams third pick of the 2nd round, they chose Isaiah Pead, RB from Cincinnati.    Some of my only film that I saw live on Pead was from the Senior Bowl, and boy was he good.  He wasn’t a standout player, but he’s a great role player.  Good pick for the Rams to basically revamp their entire team by giving up their 2nd pick of the draft.
  19. Packers traded the Cardinals and picked Jerel Worthy, DT from Michigan State.  Worthy is a great player and a great pickup for the Packers who had defensive woes last year.  At 305 pounds, he would normally play nose tackle, but with BJ Raji there, I see him playing DE.
  20. Titans picked Zach Brown, LB from North Carolina.  One of the fastest LBs in the draft.  1st round talent, but never put forth the effort it took to be elite in college, but his athleticism allowed him to make plays.  If he can work on his motor, this could be a great pick for the Titans.
  21. Bengals picked Devon Still, DT out of Penn St.  One of the best DTs in the draft taken in the late 2nd round.  He’s never been a sack machine, but he’s always taken up space and been able to disrupt the passer.  Great pick for the Bengals who are looking to take over the AFC North this year.
  22. Lions picked Ryan Broyles, WR out of Oklahoma.  They actually needed a WR, even with the future Hall of Famer, Calvin Johnson.  This wasn’t a bad pick, but Broyles will play slot and is coming off of an ACL tear.  He’s still fast, but can he change direction with that ACL?
  23. Falcons picked Peter Konz, OL from Wisconsin.  Only thing to worry about from Konz is he never got to play an entire season due to injury.  Wisconsin seems to be breeding Olinemen these days.  Konz was a great pick for the Falcons who have a great offense, only making them better.
  24. Steelers picked Mike Adams, OL from Ohio State.  Great pick when you add in DeCastro in the 1st round.  Steelers are trying to revamp their one big weak spot, and they’re doing it with 1st round talent.
  25. Broncos picked Brock Osweiler, QB from Arizona State.  Elway got Peyton, I’m not gonna argue with his picks.  Obvious backup, and who better to teach him than one of the best?  Good pick for looking toward the future for the Broncos.
  26. Buccaneers traded the Texans and picked up Lavonte David, LB from Nebraska.  David is a great pick for the Bucs.  While he is a smaller LB, he’s incredibly fast and stuffs running backs trying to get through the middle.  When linemen start to engage him, however, he starts to become somewhat obsolete.  Great pick for the Bucs who are looking to overcome their dismal 2011 season.
  27. Eagles picked Vinny Curry, DE from Marshall.  Whoa.  They’re not fucking around this year.  Eli, RGIII, and Romo better watch out.  Straight defense with the Eagles 3rd pick in the draft, second of round 2.  Curry is a good DE who is great at rushing the passer.  Only downside is that when engaged, has a very difficult time getting back in the game.  Good pick for the Eagles, looking to wreak havoc on D in the NFC East.
  28. Ravens picked Kelechi Osemele, OL from Iowa State. At 6’5″, 333 pounds, Osemele is a force to be reckoned with.  He’s a strong, explosive blocker, but still needs some coaching to be elite at the next level.  Played tackle in college, but due to footwork will have to transition to being a guard.  Good pick by the Ravens who continue to improve their running attack.
  29. 49ers picked Lamichael James, RB from Oregon.  James wasn’t the best RB in the draft, but this seems like it could be a great fit for him.  He can catch to bail out Alex Smith at times, and is fast as any back and can get down the field quickly.  I can see James playing a role similar to Darren Sproles.
  30. Packers traded the Patriots and picked Casey Hayward, DB from Vanderbilt.  This guy played in the SEC, and is considered one of the top corners.  One thing you should never discredit is a defender from the SEC, regardless of what team he’s from.  Hayward has the speed and may make an immediate impact.
  31. Last but damn sure not least with this pick, Giants picked Randle Rueben, WR from LSU.  This guy is an incredible athlete and will be working with Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz.  He is somewhat of a work in progress due to his horrible QBs down in Baton Rouge.  Now he gets to work with a Manning that has two Super Bowl rings(even if you wanna be around the guy with 1), and hopefully he doesn’t disappoint.  This was a great pick for the Giants, and a great way to close out the 2nd round.

How do you think your team did in the 2nd round, or in Day 2 as a whole?


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2 responses to “Round 2 Recap”

  1. Kwame F says :

    I like the Giants pick, getting such a talented player late, and while it wasn’t popular, I think LaMichael James can be a handful in spread packages and special teams similar to Sproles in New Orleans

    • dynastygamer says :

      I feel like Harbaugh has his gameplan down and knows what he’s doing. Just the way he came in and went 13-3 with virtually the same players they had the year before was amazing. I think he has nice plans for a guy like LaMichael. Giants getting Randle was just ridiculous. Amazing talent from a player who had a lackluster cast at QB during his career at LSU. Can’t wait to see how he does with Eli.

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