Steals From the 4th and 5th Rounds of the NFL Draft

Well to kick off the steals, the Dolphins traded up the 2nd pick to pick arguably the best player left in Lamar Miller from the U.  Miller is a great prospect and was considered to be drafted late in the 1st round.  Watching Miller play at Miami was insane due to his speed and how quick he can change directions.  He had blazing speed and nice size at 212 pounds.  He can get between blocks, and when he does he can take it all the way.  Only thing that hindered his stock with scouts was that he only had one real year of tape.  Hopefully he and Tannehill can make some noise for the Dolphins this year.

Even with picking RGIII with the 2nd pick of the 1st round, the Redskins decided to draft Kirk Cousins from Michigan State.  Cousins is a great QB who could work wonders with a coach like Shanahan.  They also cut John Beck which opens the depth chart up a bit more for Cousins.  Grossman is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when it comes to being a QB, and he’s more of Mr. Hyde than anything.  I’m gonna go on a limb and make a bold prediction, but the starter in 5 years is gonna be Kirk Cousins.

Panthers drafted Joe Adams from Arkansas, giving Cam another speedy receiver.  I really like this pick due to how he could work out with Cam Newton and Steve Smith .  He can get open deep, and can get away from corners underneath.  His only problem would be trying to catch the ball in traffic due to his height.  Should work out well for Rivera and the Panthers.  Carolina also drafted Josh Norman from Coastal Carolina.  While Norman isn’t the fastest cornerback, he can cover well and has great athleticism.  Being in a division with pass happy offenses like the Saints and Falcons, a DB is never a bad choice.  Good pickup for the Panthers in the 5th round.

Steelers got a big nose tackle in Alameda Ta’amu.  Was said to be non valuable to 4-3 teams due to his lack of pass rushing ability, but ate up space so would fit a 3-4 perfectly.  Who better to be coached by than Dick Lebeau?  Not only did the Steelers get Ta’amu, but they also drafted Chris Rainey, the speedy running back from Florida.  He’s a small, fast, agile guy who can outrun defenders, even at the next level.  He doesn’t have what it takes to be an every down back, but used sparingly could prove deadly.

Vikings drafted Arkansas receiving duo Jarius Wright and Greg Childs.  Wright is a small guy, most likely to be used in the slot and to take some reps from Harvin to give him a break.  Childs is the opposite in the fact that he’s 6’3″ and suffered a torn patella tendon in 2010 making it difficult for him to give 100% running routes.  Solid 4th round picks for the Vikings who needed to give Ponder a few more targets.

Texans drafted Jared Crick, DT from Nebraska.  Crick missed most of his senior season due to a torn pectoral, but Wade Phillips didn’t want to pass this one up.  This is Phillips type of player for his hybrid style 3-4, and Crick could fit in perfectly.  Good pickup for the Texans late in the 4th.

Eagles did it again.  For the 4th time in 5 rounds, Eagles drafted for the defensive side of the ball, picking Brandon Boykin from Georgia.  Boykin was a great defensive back at Georgia, but could struggle to stay with some of the more physical receivers in the league.  At 5’9″, I don’t expect to see him guarding the likes of Calvin Johnson  or Hakeem Nicks, could make for a promising cornerback, and a great return man to give Jackson and Maclin some breaks.

Packers didn’t like their defense played all year, and it shows with this draft.  Packers drafted Terrell Manning from NC State.  Manning was a good edge rusher in college, but at 240 pounds, it’ll be difficult for him to do the same thing vs NFL linemen.  Luckily for him, he has Dom Capers as a defensive coordinator who will be able to find some place for him.  He has a nice burst off the edge, but doesn’t display the same prowess vs the run.  Should be nice to see how revamped the Packers defense is next year.

A lot of great players drafted in the 4th and 5th rounds who could come in and make immediate impact for their teams next season.  Have any players you feel were sleepers?  Comment and tell us who you think!


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2 responses to “Steals From the 4th and 5th Rounds of the NFL Draft”

  1. orlandoandhistravels says :

    Def cousins could be a starter but not for the Skins. He is a 2 second-round-picks-for-a-young-starter trade waiting to happen. I still think Chris Polk and Bobby Rainey are going to be contributers. They have a better chance of doing so than St. Louis will have of keeping either of thier corners from missing time for violating the leagues personal conduct policy.

    • dynastygamer says :

      If Janoris does get into trouble, expect to see him in a Bengals jersey in 5 years or less. They always seem to pick up guys with a past in areas they need. Polk was a great pickup for the Eagles who continue to improve on an already stout offense. With the Ravens offensive line, I don’t doubt that Rainey could be promising with his small size and the big offensive linemen. I’ve never seen him play, but if he’s a one cut runner he could do well in the zone blocking scheme giving Ray Rice some time to rest.

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