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4-Team Playoff? Better Than Nothin’

It isn’t finalized yet, but everything looks good and it looks like college football actually gets to have a playoff.  4 teams may not seem like a lot, but it’s definitely better than having a computer select the national championship.  I didn’t find the LSU-Bama rematch boring because I like seeing defenses go at it, but to others it was a lullaby.  What does this 4-team playoff do?  If it were implemented last year, it would have allowed teams like Oklahoma State, who many thought were snubbed, vie for a spot in that championship game by playing either of those teams in the 1st playoff game.  Oklahoma State’s passing attack would’ve been a good match-up vs the Bama D, but who would have won?  The world may never know *cue Tootsie Pop owl*.

I really like the idea just because it opens possibilities up.  Now being a team with one loss doesn’t necessarily put you out of the National ‘ship, you just really gotta work your ass off to get there, which you’ll have to do regardless.  Maybe the NCAA just wanted the fans to shut up, but it was obviously due for a change.   I think in a few years once the revenue begins to flow in, they’ll expand it to an 8-team format.  Now that we’ve seen a playoff, will we see paid players?